What This Is

Museum of Social Media Marketing

This site is dedicated to exploring life as it appears through the lens of social media. How people engage in social media is in essence how people share their life. As a marketer, the objective then is to find ways to weave your brand into life in a manner that makes your brand shareable.

People wear your clothes, eat your food, drink your beverages, go to your movies, listen to your music… And when doing so, they share pictures, check-in, post reviews… The best brand marketers in this social space are those who can find ways to facilitate the meshing of these activities in a way that is natural and enhances the experience.

Each blog contained in this site is an “exhibit” that highlights these experiences. Through personal stories, reflections, commentary on current events and more, the goal is to create a better understanding of the how’s and why’s certain approaches to social media marketing work better than others. I hope you find it enlightening, and will contact me should you be in need of social media marketing services for your business/brand.